Saying Thanks

Saying thanks

I wrote this on Thanksgiving, in the middle of a 20 day mountaineering course in Argentina. A full post about my course is too come.


Today is Thanksgiving. Unlike every other year of my life I’m not at home for this holiday. My family is probably in the midst of the turkey as I write this.

But I’m not home.

I’m at 14,000 feet in the Argentinian Andes.

I’m curled up in a -20 degree sleeping bag in a small tent next to Emil. And I’m happier than ever. And more thankful than ever.

This evening after dinner I took a few minutes to reflect. The view from up here is absolutely spectacular. Every night the sunset looks prettier. In the center of my view sits Aconcagua, the highest peak outside of the Himalayas, standing at 22,841 feet. It’s captivating. In a month I get a chance to climb it. Tonight I just stared off in the distance and thinking about all I am thankful for.

This Thanksgiving is different. I’m just so thankful for my friends and family for supporting me on this adventure. I literally cannot explain how blessed I am. Especially being up in the mountains. It’s an otherworldly feeling. There’s something so magical about the mountains. I walk and sit up here as a guest in the presence of gods. And wow is it special. And wow am I thankful. I just don’t know how to describe it. The best I can do is show you all my view. Maybe you’ll understand why I’ve been speechless and in a daze this evening.

I hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving right now. I hope you all are spending wonderful time with family and friends. While the mountains have a special place near my heart, family and friends are even closer. Enjoy your time with them, and cherish it. It’ll be another two weeks until you all read this. But I wanted to share this. To at least try and explain how blessed and grateful I am for everything and everyone in my amazing life.

Life is good.



4 thoughts on “Saying Thanks

  1. Hey Jack! From time to time, I check in on your posts but this is the first time I have time to comment while sacked out on my couch this Sunday afternoon watching the Pats school the Bills! Just wanted to let you know I throughly enjoy your blog and while I admire all of your photos of the towns, dogs and mountains, I was particularly impressed by your fabulous photos of the Milky Way .. very cool! Philip and I are planning a ‘round the world’ trip when he retires in 11 years and 27 days and so we will be adding some of your itinerary to our plans since it sounds so fabulous! So glad to hear you’re having a blast! Be safe and all the best! Melissa and Philip Urofsky

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  2. Oh, Jack–this just warms our hearts–to see you so happy and grateful for the opportunities you’ve been given. Keep grabbing hold!!!! We love you–
    Aunt K and Jay

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