Americans in Cuba

  For much of this academic year, Christina and I were looking to plan a trip to celebrate the end of the school year. As Christina goes to school in Florida, we wanted to do something with easy access from Florida. Our first thought; Cuba. A beautiful Caribbean island with a vast amount of rich … Continue reading Americans in Cuba

Accident Report 8/16/18, “Call don’t fall”

Well. Today marks the end of our gap year. I'm about to get on a plane en route to Colorado. And of course, we traveled to the end of the world, only to have an unfortunate accident take place 45 minutes from home. It be like that. Yesterday, Emil broke his heel on a lead … Continue reading Accident Report 8/16/18, “Call don’t fall”

Climbing Volcán Osorno in Los Lagos region, Chile (8,700 feet)

Emil and Peter on the final 50 degree push to the summit What a fun climb! It's hard to believe this trip is almost over, but what a great last adventure. Volcán Osorno is a beautiful volcano in the Los Lagos region in Chile. The closet city is Puerto Varas, Chile. In the 1800s Osorno … Continue reading Climbing Volcán Osorno in Los Lagos region, Chile (8,700 feet)