Climbing Volcán Osorno in Los Lagos region, Chile (8,700 feet)

Emil and Peter on the final 50 degree push to the summit What a fun climb! It's hard to believe this trip is almost over, but what a great last adventure. Volcán Osorno is a beautiful volcano in the Los Lagos region in Chile. The closet city is Puerto Varas, Chile. In the 1800s Osorno … Continue reading Climbing Volcán Osorno in Los Lagos region, Chile (8,700 feet)

Pumalin Park and Chaitén, Chile

Volcán Chaitén A temperate rainforest with 3,000 year old trees, crystal clear rivers, massive volcanos, overhanging glaciers, and ocean sunsets to die for. Paradise. Parque Pumalin. The first large scale conservation project by the Tompkins conservancy in Chile, Pumalin Park is the biggest donation of land in history, and also the largest piece of private … Continue reading Pumalin Park and Chaitén, Chile

Cochrane, Chile and conservation

Looking out on Lago Cochrane Wow. It's absolutely incredible here. I was surprised, really. It seems that most tourists in Argentinian Patagonia forget how big and amazing Chilean Patagonia is. After our not so pleasant experience of crossing the border, we spent the night in the beautiful small town of Chile Chico, on lake Gral … Continue reading Cochrane, Chile and conservation