The Route up Aconcagua

Hard to believe it, but today we’re leaving for Aconcagua!!!

Two other clients dropped our trip a few days ago….meaning it’s just myself and Emil, along with two amazing guides. Yes, talk about being lucky, basically a private trip!

We are quite stoked, it’s going to be a blast. It will be a tough mental and physical game.

The route we are taking is called the Vacas Valley route, also known as the Polish false glacier route. It’s called the false glacier because we don’t actually ascend the glacier, we walk right passed and around it. When people say the Polish glacier route it’s more than likely they are referring to the Vacas valley route or the Polish false glacier route.

Here’s a map of our route.

And video description of the route:

Click to access Argentina_Aconcagua_Detailed_20_day.pdf

We have a 20 day window to climb, but we could be done as quick as 17 days, depending on weather and how well we are acclimatizing.

It could be pretty cold up at 22,000 feet! Our highest camp we sleep at is 19,500 feet. Here’s an example of the summit temperares a few days from now.

This is actually not too bad for summit temperares this time of year!

Anyways, I hope everyone has a great holiday and I will talk to you all in 20 days!!



One thought on “The Route up Aconcagua

  1. Hey Jack! Wow! So very impressed by your fascinating postings, photos of very scary climbs and what really got me were your fabulous photos of the insects and frogs! Fantastic! I will definitely have to put that trip on our bucket list! Regarding the climbing trips, I may consider a couple of base camp visits but tackling those climbs — definitely NOT for me! Wishing you lots of fun on your next adventure .. very much looking forward to reading about it! Take care and all the best!


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