By the Numbers!

Hi all!

If you haven’t figured out by now, I’ve been back in the states for nearly a month now. The adjustment has been rather strange, I sure do miss South America. In the next few weeks I’ll be writing some of my thoughts on reflections on the trip. To start I wanted to share some interesting facts about the trip.



The amount of times I had anything stolen!



$1.50, the price of the cheapest lunch meal of the trip (Peru).



2.2 pounds of ice cream. The amount Emil and I each ate our first day back in town after the IWLS Argentina Mountaineering trip.



3lbs. That’s the amount of peanut butter Peter brought to Patagonia for us from the states. It was so worth it. Shoutout Costco and shoutout Peter!



3.5 miles. The length of the infamous border crossing from Los Antigous, Argentina to Chile Chico, Chile. Probably one of the worst mornings of the trip.



4 different countries visited. Bolivia, Peru, Chile, and Argentina. Emil also visited 4 countries (Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Columbia.)



5 different visits to the doctor. Four by yours truly, and one visit for Emil.



6 pairs of boxers for 6 months. I swear I could have gone with just three!



Thats the number of days it took Emil and I to convince Peter to come to Patagonia with us. Just 7 days after we met him.





7 hours, the time of our summit day on Aconcagua. More than four hours faster than other groups that day 🙂



The number of different towns we spent at least one night in Patagonia.



12 different flights over the course of 6 months, covering over 20,000 miles.



13 pounds. That’s the amount of weight I lost on our IWLS Argentina Mountaineering trip. It did not take me long to gain it back.



14 hours, the time of our longest bus ride, from Arequipa to Cuzco, Peru. We had several other bus rides in the 10-13 hour range.


17 hours, the duration of our longest push while climbing. This was on our Humantay South Climb.



The longest day of hiking in terms of miles for the whole trip. The distance from Plaza de Mulas Aconcagua base camp to the road. Took us about 7 hours!



21 days, the longest time we went without showering!



25 degrees below zero! Thats the temperature it was on the morning of our Summit day on Aconcagua.



The amount of days spent living over 13,000 feet. All were on climbing trips.



39 feet. Our lowest elevation of the trip. Chaiten, Chile.



74 miles hiked up and down Aconcagua in 16 days!



The approximate number of nights spent sleeping in a tent. All in my very own Hilleberg tent!



The amount of gear in pounds that I carried from town to town for 6 months.



The weight of my pack in pounds the day after Aconcagua summit day.



Difference of temperature the entire trip. Thats the difference in fahrenheit from the warmest (Buenos Aires) to the coldest (Aconcagua summit day).



The distance in miles from Ushuaia, Argentina to Pucon, Chile. All of Patagonia. we covered this distance by bus along with one hour long plane flight and two 8 hour long ferry rides.



6435 miles. The longest distance I ever was from home. (Ushuaia, Argentina)



17,900 feet. Thats the elevation of Humantay South, which we claimed a first ascent on back in October. At that point it was the highest elevation I had ever reached.



Thats the elevation of Cerro Aconcagua, the highest elevation we experienced this trip. The highest peak in South America, and the highest mountain outside of the Himalayas. That makes the elevation difference of the trip 22,840 feet.


These are just some interesting facts I could come up with about our trip!


I also made a map with all the places we ever spent at least one one night.


Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 3.25.30 PM.png

You can view a more detailed version of this map here.



I will be posting more about reflections on the trip in the coming weeks.









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  1. How fun to put it in these terms, Jack! We are a meaning making species and you certainly are making meaning of this trip. May all your journeys be so meaningful. XO

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