Roots (Part 2)

You don’t just wake up and decide to climb a 22,000 foot mountain.

You also don’t just wake up at 4am and ride your bike for a hour to catch the sunrise on the canal. 

You do both these things however, if your myself or Emil. 
This is part two of writing of my “roots” of wanting to adventure and explore. 

This trip and the rest of the crazy adventure trips in my lifetime wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t for my friendship with Emil Tjonneland, and the time we’ve spent together at the wide water section on the C and O canal. 

Wide water, more commonly known as the Bily goat trail is where Emil and I grew up. Compared to all the other places I’ve hiked and explored in the last several years, that place would seem like nothing in comparison. But to me it is the most beautiful and amazing place I could ever spend time at. 

Wide water is the place Emil and I would ride our bikes to, well before sunrise to hike, explore, and fish. We’ve been there together dozens of times. Wide water is a happy place, and it was where our imaginations went wild. We spent so much time out there dreaming of crazy adventures. But most of this dreaming took place in our freshmen year of high school. Before we could drive, before we knew what we would do after highschool. Back then it was all nearly a dream, but wide water allowed us to feel that these dreams would come true. 

And are dreams are coming true. 

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